Creative Strategy

We weave a provocative theme – the essence of your meeting message – through every step of the agenda. We provide theme-driven elements that startle and delight – that captivate and focus your audience’s attention on presentation content.

Set Design

We design extraordinary environments with cutting-edge technology that ensure your attendees and presenters have a unique personal experience. Each design is specific to the space, your message, and your audience.

Video Production

From pre to post-production, it is our goal to develop your vision into video. Everything we produce – from executive interviews, customer testimonials, on–site videos, 3D animation and panoramic modules are designed to capture attention and support your messages.

Meeting Management

We have a client-focused management approach. For us, that means high-touch – frequent communications – and extreme attention to detail. We drive the process so you don’t have to. Our objective is to create meetings filled with “Wow” moments.


We deliver stunning images of your entire event that won’t distract in the process. We also offer on-site portrait photography for executives, employees, and attendees by bringing the studio to you.

Graphic Design

We design meeting specific theme graphics, presentation templates, scenic elements, speaker support graphics, pre-meeting communications, print and social media elements to visually carry the tone of your meeting.

Original Music Production

The ability to set the mood at a meeting/event is critical. We play exciting music familiar to your attendees, produce original scores, and write/record fun parodies to get the party started.

Budget Management

Managing a budget can be one of the most daunting tasks to undertake for a major event. We know the importance of respecting your budget and delivering the most bang for your buck while still recognizing the importance of perception. Your audience wants to see an appropriate expenditure: This meeting is important. But the Company is being responsible.

Marketing Materials

From pre-meeting invitations to post meeting commitments, no one knows better how to reinforce the meeting theme and content than we do, providing a unified design throughout the entire attendee experience.

Web Design

We build handsome and coherent web sites easily navigated by media savvy people today. Whether for external customers, internal initiatives, or upcoming events and registrations, our no-nonsense approach to digital design and function never fails to impress.