The Pride of Glenn & Glenn


My Owner Says: "Paco is a lovable toddler with a big beak and sharp claws. He loves to fly and loves to play with his toys-- especially his piñata... AND he loves to cuddle!"

Pet Peeves: Having to go back in his cage.

Owner's Name: Jill Glenn, President

Chicki Minaj

My Owner Says: "Either you like chickens or you're wrong."

Pet Peeves: The Rooster.

Owner's Name: Daniel Moran, Graphic Designer


My Owner Says: "A loyal dog. Known to sprint laps around the perimeter of the yard. Big time cuddler. "

Pet Peeves: Getting wet.

Owner's Name: Michael Giglio, Production Manager


My Owner Says: "Looks like his name... he's got a big mug, but cute. He's friendly and loves visitors. Offer him a treat and he'll cook you breakfast! Not sure if he's THAT smart but he's definitely food motivated!"

Pet Peeves: Lightening and thunder.

Owner's Name: Anthony Bianciella, Photographer


My Owner Says: "Provides tons of love and herds my kids so I don't have to!"

Pet Peeves: The squirrels that bomb acorns on to her in the yard.

Owner's Name: Katherine Nichols, Executive Producer


My Owner Says: "Very friendly. Happiest guy we have ever met! Loves to roll on his back and meow LOUDLY while having his stomach rubbed."

Pet Peeves: Being picked up; can't you tell?

Owner's Name: Rod Caspers, Stage Manager


My Owner Says: "Does many original tricks such as Do-Si-Do and Bang Bang!"

Pet Peeves: Ferrets and Drummers.

Owner's Name: Damian Calcagne, Graphics Operator

Popcorn "Poppy" Glenn

My Owner Says: "Poppy weighs 3.8 lbs and loves popcorn, cat toys, and napping."

Pet Peeves: Any attention the other pets get AND Paco the parrot trying to bark like a dog.

Owner's Name: Scott Glenn, CEO

A well-oiled machine. Our staff is hand-picked from the best and brightest professionals the industry has to offer.

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